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Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W90 Drum

Item #: 550043588

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Superior load carrying ability – The EP additives contained in Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90 provides excellent, long lasting protection against scuffing and minimize wear, even in the toughest operating conditions.
Superior thermal and oxidation stability – Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90 provides superior resistance to high temperature decomposition (breakdown). Even when operating conditions approach 150C, Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90 provides excellent performance, resisting temperature degradation. This improved thermal and oxidation stability helps ensure that deposits do not form around seals and helps maintain clean bearing surfaces to minimize wear.
All-season service – Depending on the ambient temperatures involved, Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90 provides potential one grade, all season operation. It can eliminate the need for seasonal changes and reduce the number of gear oils required.

Item Specifications

  • DRUM
  • S4
UOM : DR (55 GA)
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