Our Value Added Industrial Services


Certified Lubrication Specialists Training

Technical Expertise

Oil Reclamation Services

Waste & Cost Reduction


Varnish Patch Testing

Trending Analysis

Varnish Removal Equipment

Cost Reduction


Oil & Coolant Analysis

Trending Analysis


Vendor Managed Inventory

Cost Reduction


Failure & Root Cause Analysis

Technical Resources

Equipment Programs

Efficient Usage of Products

Leak Detection Program

Cost Reduction


Hydraulic Reliability Studies

Improved Equipment Reliability

On-Site Technical Support

Technical Resources

Empty Drum Disposal

Waste Reduction

TEI has not only provided us with quality lubricants, oil recycling services and oil analysis, but they have provided onsite service and support to meet our ever-changing needs.

We were experiencing poor machine operation.  Taylor Enterprises identified the root cause as a varnish issue through an onsite patch test.  An electrostatic filtration unit was installed that resolved the issue and avoided a catastrophic failure for us.

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