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Quaker State Defy High Mileage Motor Oil 5W30

Item #: 550043276

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Quaker State Defy® High Mileage motor oil helps engines defy time giving them more engine life*. How? Quaker State Defy® is a synthetic blend motor oil formulated with extra anti-wear additives to help protect against the wear stresses that high mileage engines experience in everyday driving. What’s more, it helps stop leaks from seals and reduces oil consumption in worn engines too.

Helps reduce wear for more engine life.
Active seal conditioning agents to keep seals pliable to prevent leaks and oil loss.
Boosted zinc additives for extra wear protection on high-wear surfaces while still protecting catalytic converter efficiencies.
Advanced thermal and oxidative stability to help reduce oil burn-off and maximize power output.
Contains additional friction modifiers for improved fuel economy.

Item Specifications

  • 5W30
  • CASE
  • 125 CASES

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