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Shell Shellzone Multi-Vehicle Gold 50/50 6/1 Gallon

Item #: 5066325

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ShellZone® Multi-Vehicle Extended Life Antifreeze and Summer Coolant 50/50 is a premium quality, pre-diluted antifreeze/coolant that has been tested to be compatible with all automotive and light duty truck antifreeze/coolant products available in the market today. It does not contain any amine , borate, nitrite or phosphate. When used in a flush and refill service of the cooling system, the product will provide 5 years, or 150,000 miles of service (which ever occurs first). ShellZone® Multi-Vehicle Extended Life Antifreeze and Coolant not only guards against freezing and boil-over, it also provides critical protection against corrosion forming on system components, including aluminium.

Item Specifications

  • 50/50
  • 6/1 GAL
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